wowandflutter – Decidedly Jazz Danceworks in Victoria during PCC

7 10 2009

Dance Victoria is presenting Decidedly Jazz Danceworks in Victoria during PCC. PCC delegates can get a 25% discount on tickets. For more info about Dance Victoria, visit

photo by Trudie Lee

Decidedly Jazz DanceWorks –

October 23 + 24, 2009 |  7:30 PM
McPherson Playhouse

Choreography: Kimberley Cooper
Music: Amon Tobin

Seventy-five minutes of pure dance set to a score by Brazilian/Canadian electronic-music superstar, Amon Tobin. Wildly imaginative, this fresh work for ten sensuous jazz dancers combines video, gorgeous group work and inventive partnering. Choreographer Cooper uses animal movement and imagery to create a richly textured dance vocabulary. Coupled with fiendish speed and driving rhythms, this piece defines dynamism.
“A wild and wonderful conjuncture of soundtrack wizardry, a little video magic, and a never-ending kaleidoscope of movement that is nearly always fresh and engaging and never dull. In other words, a knock-out!” — Calgary Herald

Click here to watch a preview of wowandflutter.

Single ticket prices start at $25.50 | PCC delegates receive 25% discount




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