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9 10 2009



wowandflutter – Decidedly Jazz Danceworks in Victoria during PCC

7 10 2009

Dance Victoria is presenting Decidedly Jazz Danceworks in Victoria during PCC. PCC delegates can get a 25% discount on tickets. For more info about Dance Victoria, visit dancevictoria.com

photo by Trudie Lee

Decidedly Jazz DanceWorks –

October 23 + 24, 2009 |  7:30 PM
McPherson Playhouse

Choreography: Kimberley Cooper
Music: Amon Tobin

Seventy-five minutes of pure dance set to a score by Brazilian/Canadian electronic-music superstar, Amon Tobin. Wildly imaginative, this fresh work for ten sensuous jazz dancers combines video, gorgeous group work and inventive partnering. Choreographer Cooper uses animal movement and imagery to create a richly textured dance vocabulary. Coupled with fiendish speed and driving rhythms, this piece defines dynamism.
“A wild and wonderful conjuncture of soundtrack wizardry, a little video magic, and a never-ending kaleidoscope of movement that is nearly always fresh and engaging and never dull. In other words, a knock-out!” — Calgary Herald

Click here to watch a preview of wowandflutter.

Single ticket prices start at $25.50 | PCC delegates receive 25% discount

Frankenstein in Oblivion at William Head Onstage

5 10 2009

WHOS (William Head On Stage) will be presenting Frankenstein in Oblivion during PCC.  Performed by inmates of William Head Prison (45 minute drive from downtown). Performance dates are October 23-24, 30-31  ~  November 6-7, 12-14, 19-21
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Pretty Little Instincts at PCC

5 10 2009

Audience Pick as Best Physical/Dance & Most Innovative Show in the 2009 Victoria Fringe:

Renegade Outdoor Dance Theatre
By Ingrid Hansen and SNAFU Dance Theatre
Warning: Partial Nudity
Free tea & cookies.
Dress Warmly

“Provocative and engaging—and, at times, wonderfully silly—Pretty Little Instincts is the kind of Fringe experience you’ll talk about for years to come.. ****1/2 ”
– Monday Magazine.

Free Tea and Talk-back afterwards

Venue: Point Ellice Heritage House, 2616 Pleasant Street.
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Chantale Laplante + Audiospace 2009

1 10 2009


Online registration now available!

15 09 2009

Visit the link to the online registration form! You can pay your $10 registration fee securely online, (it will get you in to all PCC events, talks, workshops and networking sessions), and you can request ticket reservations to shows in Victoria that are happening during October 22-25.

If you can’t make it but wish you could, please consider registering as a No-Show Delegate and donating $10 the the conference as a “DIY Funder” – we will recognise your contribution at our opening reception.


CLICK HERE TO PAY ONLINE (if you’ve already registered)>>

Victoria’s PCC Gathering: “D.I.Y.”

11 09 2009


Performance Creation Canada – Victoria Oct 22-25, 2009
Theme: D.I.Y.

Victoria Steering Committee: Megan Newton, Theatre Bombus; Janet Munsil & Ian Case, Intrepid Theatre; Matthew Payne & Allison Bottomley Theatre SKAM; David Ferguson, Suddenly Dance Theatre;  Brian Paisley

Performance Creation Canada (PCC) is a nationwide network dedicated to the nourishment, management and study of performance creation in Canada, and the ecology in which it flourishes. PCC gatherings are aimed at creating a discussion between artists in dance, theatre, music, film, and visual arts who are interested in the well being of Canadian performance creation.

Held twice each year in different Canadian cities and focusing on themes developed by the local steering committee, PCC gatherings are designed to bring theatre creators together to discuss their work and common issues facing the various artistic disciplines, to be exposed to new ideas and methodologies in theatre creation, and to make personal connections with artistic and academic peers from across the country.

Victoria’s steering committee has been meeting since the fall of 2008, and following a public information session designed to gather ideas of interest to the local community, the theme D.I.Y. (Do it Yourself) was selected. The steering committee felt that this topic captured the logistic and economic realities of producing independent performance works in Canada, forcing artists – for better or worse – to become creative entrepreneurs; and also acknowledges the emergence of a recognizable performance aesthetic that Victoria has become known for across the country – the reinvention of cabaret, vaudeville, music hall and burlesque; site specific work and large scale collective projects;  the meeting of music and visual art, fashion and craft; an active and inclusive indie film scene; and grass-roots venue creation. Recent cuts to Provincial arts funding make this topic more relevant than ever.

Victoria’s theatre community went through a period of dissolution following several small venue closures in the mid 90’s, and for almost a decade there was virtually no independent theatre production.  Frustrated by the lack of practical and financial assistance from the City and Province, and the exodus of talented artists to other centres, the few remaining companies looked at the situation and decided to turn things around themselves. With artist-based leadership, creative ideas, and innovative partnerships, the situation Victoria theatre creators faced has been turned around, and there are more small companies, exciting collaborations, and accessible theatre venues than ever before.

Although the focus of PCC gatherings is on art more than business, we are faced with this reality: public and private sector funding is drying up or being “re-allocated” out of the reach of independent and emerging performance creators who have been known to work theatrical miracles on a shoestring budget. This DIY gathering is about taking personal responsibility for our work and ourselves as performance creators.

Everyone is welcome. Registration fee $10, ticketed admission to performances. $59 PCC hotel deal available through Paul’s Motor Inn: www.paulsmotorinn.com.

For more information or to register:

https://pccvictoria.wordpress.com /Intrepid Theatre: (250)383-2663